Founder of Hélios Decorations

Hélios Decorations is an online store of decorative items and furniture . Sara and Benjamin, passionate about both decoration and unique objects made by artisans, are the founders of Hélios Decoration.

Their primary desire is to share their taste to beautify your interior decoration and make your home as beautiful and pleasant as possible .

“Feeling at home is essential for your personal well-being, a nice decor helps contribute to this.”

Handcrafted designer creations

Throughout the year, we travel in search of the most beautiful decorative pieces. Our only obsession is to find what we can't do elsewhere and to discover the trends of tomorrow.

Each season, a new selection of decorations will be offered to you in our online store.

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We commit ourselves

To guarantee you a good experience.


We are committed to finding quality products made from natural materials.


We favor products from artisans around the world and we guarantee respect for the work.


We are committed to running a responsible and sustainable business and ensuring that our products are manufactured under responsible conditions.